What Are Product Manuals?

You will be currently contemplating on what documentations are needed by your product if you are a marketer or a manufacturer. You will be choosing to produce a single product manual or a complete set and that will depend on how complicated your product is and if it is designed for a commercial customer or a consumer. This article will provide you with a list of suggested product manuals and what they need to contain.

You should be aware that a quick start guide can be a part of a user manual or a single product manual. For more info on Manuals, click  User guide.  This type of product manual will provide the user an information on how to properly handle the controls of a product to make it work and a quick start guide is made for both commercial software or equipment and consumers. These product manuals can also briefly talk about the more advanced features of the product in order to allow the user to try it out. You need to be aware that some quick start guides do not have words and they use numbers, illustrations and arrows to show the user how to connect parts together or work his or her way around the settings menu.

The installation manuals are usually used by the field installation/service personnel of the manufacture or the subcontractors of that are factory-trained. These product manuals are made for commercial equipments that are has their own specializations such as the boiler equipment, recording studio, mixing consoles, medical scanners, and many more. These product manuals will include the acceptance procedure of the customer and the calibration of the equipments.

User manuals may include the information on how to assemble an equipment and are made to provide in-depth guide for the proper handling of an equipment. One example for this type of manual is a barbecue manual. Click  Instruction manual to read more about Manuals. These user manuals must include the safety warnings that will be placed in the beginning or at a certain page in the product manual where it is necessary. User manuals for equipments used for commercial purposes will be made for audience that are educated and with a completed training of a specific field. It will include some basic troubleshooting and a little information about maintenance is mostly included in this type of product manual. Another example of a user manual is a monograph made by a pharmaceutical company in order to show the doctor the proper application of a certain drug.